Mater Dolorosa


Mary Co-Redemptrix

In this little paper I would like to deal primarily with Holy Scripture. The theological arguments for Our Lady Co-Redemptrix from Tradition and the Magisterium have been more than adequately handled by Dr. Mark Miravalle in his excellent Mary Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate, 1 and the marvelous The Mother of Our Saviour and Our Interior Life, by Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. 2 The reason that liberals like Ren? Laurentin et alia have been so successful in blocking attempts to define the doctrine of Mary Co-Redemptrix, is because they have first suppressed the correct reading of Genesis 3:15.

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Is Laisneyism Catholic?

Fr. Fran?ois Laisney, a member of the Society of St. Pius X, the disciples of Archbishop Lefebvre, has written a book entitled Is Feeneyism Catholic? 1 I don't know what the exact canonical status of the Society of St. Pius X is at the moment, but I presume they still think that Vatican II is heretical, and that the Novus Ordo Mass is invalid. That someone would think that an ecumenical Council whose decrees have been approved by the Holy Father, no matter how badly phrased, is heretical, and that the Novus Ordo Mass which was established by Pope Paul VI with such a high authority, despite its ugliness, could be invalid, should tell us a priori that such a person could not do good theology.

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An Introduction to the Wisdom Books
of the Old Testament

Finally, I would like to offer an addditional bonus for visiting these web pages, a little booklet entitled An Introduction to the Wisdom Books of the Old Testament.These seven brief articles appeared several years ago in the short-lived Center Review. They are available here for a free download either in whole or in part. The booklet is 40 pages long, each chapter being about 6 or 7 pages in length. I would especially recommend the first chapter, The Book of Job , which is only 5 pages long.

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The Magus and the Scribe
A Christmas Story

The Magi were astronomers, the scientists of their day. Of course they had a lot of superstition mixed in with their science; they are called astrologers in  new translations indicating this, but one shouldn't underestimate them as scientists. Even contemporary scientists have plenty of superstition attached to their science, such as the theory of evolution, which is just superstition. These ancient scientists were terrific naked eye astronomers. A professor at Boston University, Gerald Hawkins, in studying the Stonehenge monument in England, discovered that it was a celestial observatory.

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Écrasez l’infâme

A review of Papal Sins by Gary Wills.


Evolution is Satan’s Creation Story

A review of Creation Rediscovered by Gerard Keane.


Stem Cell Research

The strange case of Dr. Thomas R. Theodore, M.D.


For the Jewish People

Comments on the Novus Ordo prayer of Good Friday. 


A Physicist Manqué

A review of The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology,God and The Resurrection by Frank Tipler


A Paradigm Shift

Adult Stem Cell Research 


Reflections on the Holy Innocents

The Right to Supernatural Life


St. Augustine and
the Inerrancy of Scripture

 Geocentricity and the Bible


St. Edith Stein and
the Conversion of the Jews


Biblical Archaeology

“Archaeology proves the Bible.”


The Termites

Opera and Teilhard de Chardin. 


The Ark of Noah and
the Church of Christ

“For there is no entering into salvation outside the Church, just as in the time of the deluge there was none outside the Ark, which denotes the Church.”


Mary Mediatrix of All Graces and St. Maximillian Mary Kolbe

 “It is accepted as certain and irrefutable in the Catholic Church, although it is not yet declared a dogma, that the Mother of God is the Mediatrix of All Graces.”

~ St. Maximillian Mary

“An Earthquake
in New Testament Criticism”

Un tremblement de terre dans la critique du Nouveau Testament

An excellent critique of biblical Modernism by Fr. Louis Bouyer.

You’d Better Come Quietly

One of Father Feeney’s most loved pieces. If you read it you will see why.

Fr. Leonard Feeney

On Exonerating Pelagius

At the present time there is underway a vicious two pronged attack on the teaching of the Church concerning original sin. One attack is coming from what has been variously called liberalism, latitudinarianism, indifferentism, etc., and the other (often by the same men), from evolutionism.

“The Man Who Made Gold”

I have put the title of this little essay in quotation marks, because it is the title of an amusing fictitious account of a man who made gold by the great Catholic writer Hilaire Belloc. The book is full of funny illustrations with even funnier captions by his friend Gilbert Chesterton. Belloc and Chesterton must have had a wonderful time doing this book together.

Do not go to Bethlehem
for the Obvious

Another Christmas story by Fr. Leonard Feeney

The Story of Mary Co-Redemptrix

by Mark Miravalle

A review by Thomas Mary Sennott.


The Seton Hall Match

An imaginary debate held at Seton Hall University between Fr. Stanley Jaki and Orestes Brownson on the subject of evolutionism.

Raymond E. Brown, SS., "Biblical Reflections on Crises Facing the Church"

I was so horrified on reading this book, that I thought I better do a review of it to try to get back my peace of mind.

A Song for a Listener

Father Feeney

The Third Secret

A new interpretation


An Historical Summary: Similarity and Contrast

Orestes Brownson and Father Feeney

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Bob Staatz, De Verne Swezey, Joe Stepan, Tom Sennott

Little Slipper Street

Father Feeney

The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

“The re-discovery of this Catholic
practice could rock both the Pro-Death
and the Pro-Life movements.”

The Death Penalty, the Crusades and Fornication

Co-Adamite, Pre-Adamite, Adamite?

Paradigm Shift Update

Stem cell research and the Right to Life


The Worship of Mary

Orestes A, Browson


The Great Gift of God

Fr. Leonard Feeney

One of the most beautiful lectures in the collection The Bread of Life.


“The Smallest Peg”

Comment from Orestes Brownson on Dominus Jesu, which almost said “There is no salvation outside the Church.”

“ Pathological Science”?


St. Paul

A "humorous" look at St. Paul on "our doctrine."


Children of Eve

And Adam called the name of his wife Eve: because she was the mother of all the living.

(Genesis 3:20).



And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

(Luke 1:38)



Fr. Mark S. Massa, S.J. a professor of sociology at Fordham, has just brought out a book entitled, Catholics and American Culture. We have just had this book read to us in the refectory during supper. It wouldn't be worth mentioning, except that the first chapter is on the Father Feeney Case and is entitled "Boundary Maintenance, St. Cyprian and Emil Durkheim." It is of full of both historical and theological errors, that I feel call for some comment.



Cardinal Paul Y. Taguchi
Archbishop of Osaka



Fr. Leonard Feeney