Brother Thomas Mary Sennott,
Obl. S.B., M.I.C.M.
born May 12, 1922,
the founder of this web site,
returned home to the heavenly father
June 13, 2005.


{Painting of Mother of Sorrows by Brother Bartholomew}

Our Lady is Co-Redemptrix of the human race because she is Mother of Sorrows. She became our Co-Redemptrix at the foot of the Cross by her participation in Our Lord's Redemption of us poor sinners. .
This site is dedicated primarily to confessing the glories of Mary, particulary in their dogmatic aspects.

At the foot of the Cross Our Lady also became the Mother of the Church. Membership in that Church founded by her Son, and submission to His Vicar, our Holy Father the Pope, is absolutely necessary for salvation. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus. This site then is secondarily dedicated to confessing the necessity of the Church and submission to our Holy Father for salvation.

Br. Bartholomew
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Note that the painting "Mother of Sorrows" shown above is availabe FREE as a holy card simply by making a request here .